16/11/2012 - 14:41 pm

Rema Holland introduces new range of screw clamps


Rema Holland B.V. has introduced a new range of screw clamps ranging from 0.5t to 5t capacity, primarily for use in hoisting, lowering and dragging applications.

The alloy steel body is light, yet the clamps have a safety factor of eight times. There are two suspension holes, one for vertical suspension and the other for horizontal suspension, enabling the load to be hoisted in either orientation.

A circular double cam lock method results in a stronger clamping force. The circular cams on both sides are supported by hemispherical surfaces, so they apply a clamping force to the suspended load while rotating according to the load direction. 

The screw clamps can be used to hoist inclined loads, such as I-beams, and the double cam locks enable them to hoist a load at an angel of up to 10 degrees.

A fine thread screw produces a high clamping force and is highly resistant to vibration. The head of the screw is hexagonal, enabling it to be turned using a ratchet wrench.

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