06/07/2011 - 04:00 am

RMI Corporation Releases Advantage Mobile User, Adds Features for Blackberry Users

RMI Corp., Avon, Conn., has launched its new ADVANTAGE Mobile user option, which allows users to interact with Advantage through a simplified interface designed specifically for small screens on barcode scanners and other mobile devices. With the intention of growing the offering over time, the Advantage mobile user has access to just the RMI Advantage functionality that is essential to the responsibilities of an employee working in a warehouse or in the field.

With the addition of this option, RMI now offers three different user types: full Advantage users, email and calendar-only users, and now the Advantage Mobile user. Similar to the Role Centers, the Advantage Mobile user option allows for increased user efficiency by tailoring each mobile user’s functionality to their specific job responsibilities to simplify work processes.

The Advantage Mobile user gives companies the opportunity to provide employees with just the features they need in order to do their job effectively and simplify the way they interact with Advantage. For example, the Advantage Mobile user can give an employee the ability to track inventory in real-time. By scanning barcodes or tracking an item’s RFID tag.  The Mobile user’s refined functionality enables users to give more employees’ access to Advantage without having to pay for full users for each employee.  This is a great cost-effective way to get the most out of RMI Advantage.

Advantage Mobile users will be able to receive an early adopter price if they subscribe between July 1 and Sept. 30.

In other news, RMI now supports email and calendar services running on RIM Blackberry devices for ADVANTAGE cloud customers. This update will close the smart phone gap, allowing RMI to support Microsoft Exchange Services on any phone capable of receiving emails.

Microsoft Exchange server 2010 is included in the BPOS add-on for RMI ADVANTAGE. Customers subscribing to BPOS will be able to connect their Blackberry devices to their email and calendar on July 1. Existing customers can contact RMI support to get started.

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