04/04/2012 - 04:00 am

RMI Offers New Licensing Options

RMI Corp., Avon, Conn., has new licensing options for RMI ADVANTAGE customers. The framework for the new structure is based on job responsibility and provides each system user more of the features they need at a reduced cost.  Branded as “User Types”, each offering is designed to meet the access and communication requirements of the user and is organized into three distinct types: Office Workers, Mobile LT (Lite) Workers, and Full ERP Workers.

“Interviews with existing customers and prospects framed our offering so that it is closely aligned with the needs of our market,” said Paul Chapdelaine, CPA, president of RMI Corp. “By standardizing our ADVANTAGE Solution around three user types, we focus on delivering the components the user really needs while reducing the cost.” He adds that the change helps customers realize a higher return on their investment by giving all employees the tools they need to be effective.

Office Workers are employees who benefit from information provided by the Advantage Business System but do not need direct access to it. Equipped with the information they need through reports and a full line of business productivity tools (including email, calendar, and related Microsoft Office collaboration tools), the Office Worker user type is suited for any worker that does not require the features included with Mobile LT or Full ERP worker types.

Mobile LT (Lite) Workers are equipped with all the productivity tools and reports that Office Workers have, plus access to the RMI Advantage mobile interface. The Mobile LT (Lite) interface is ideal for employees that are often on the road (or, in the office) and only need limited access to the Advantage Business Solution.  Examples include in-shop or road technicians, warehouse workers, rental technicians, or sales people.

Full ERP Workers are the top tier with access to both the Mobile LT Workers and the Office Workers features plus full access to the Advantage Business System, including all functional areas associated with managing a rental, sales, and service business.

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