23/03/2019 - 09:48 am

RSS staff receive Safety Training from experts in fall protection

A delegation from Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd (RSS) have completed a course on the design, installation, and inspection of a popular fall arrest system, delivered by 3M, industry leaders in personal protective equipment (PPE) and fall protection. The goal of 3M Safety Training is to provide the very best training to ensure all your workers go home safely every day, by supplying tools and software to support workplace PPE safety training needs.

RSS offers lifting equipment and related services from its six UK locations, supplying a variety of harnesses and other PPE to a myriad of marketplaces. The latest training course was delivered at its facility in Bridgend, Wales, the company’s de facto headquarters, and covered installation of the DBI-Sala 8mm permanent horizontal lifeline system from the 3M portfolio.

Steve Hutin, managing director at RSS, said: “We back-up everything we do with the best possible education and training. PPE is a core product in our safety-centric offering and understanding both the theory and practice in its design, install, and inspection, allows us to deliver a comprehensive service to customers. As 3M says, the key to effective fall protection training is practical, hands-on experience, which was central to their training message on this DBI-Sala product.”  The course was split between the classroom and practical sessions, during which participants had an opportunity to install the safety system. The course was delivered by Phil Hughes, 3M’s trainer for all horizontal lifelines.  He was joined by Kay Ramsden, engineered system sales specialist, who is the lifeline’s sales specialist for the UK and Ireland, and will be RSS’s principle point of contact moving forward. 

Ramsden said: “The course is designed so that all participants are able to design, install, and inspect our DBI-Sala 8mm permanent horizontal lifeline system. We train delegates on the above criteria and guide and support them through the first installations of the system, offering continuous instruction.”  Hutin added: “It’s a scope of work in its own right to oversee and execute all the training courses that we need to deliver to staff in any given month. We have had to implement a special system whereby we know exactly who has taken what courses, who is due renewals, and who might be ready to add another qualification or certification to their skillset. We frequently review the programme to ensure everyone is given due notice of upcoming courses and that we secure the availability of the best trainers and thought leaders in the relevant sector.”  Each course attendee received a certificate of participation, valid for three years.

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