31/07/2014 - 11:25 am

RUD Chains Ltd Heavy Duty Hoist Ring Suited to Offshore Lifting Applications


RUD Chains Ltd is promoting its WBPG 85-200t hoist ring to the heavy duty offshore lifting sector, where the product is suited to a variety of engineering, construction and other projects.

The WBPG has been used to lift heavy cable-laid grommets in offshore applications, offering a removable suspension ring in the shape of a shackle to attach the grommets to for lifting.

The WBPG is loadable from any side in the direction of the pivot, meaning it is suitable for lifting and turning of heavy loads. It offers threaded holes for the Starpoint VRS for easy vertical assembly.

The WBPG is ideal for heavy duty lifting between 85t and 200t tonnes.

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