18/10/2016 - 08:59 am

Safety on the move from Gorbel

Gorbel has launched a new Road Ranger Mobile Anchor unit. This new addition to the Tether Track product family incorporates all the features of the original Ranger Mobile Anchor launched last year, but it is rated for highway towing at speeds up to 65mph.

Road Ranger Mobile Anchor provides the necessary anchorage point for working at height, indoors or out. Set up the unit adjacent to the job, attach the harness and the worker can move freely over the job, while remaining safe should he fall. The unit is suitable for use when maintaining aircraft, train cars, industrial equipment, or heavy machinery.

The Road Ranger's balanced design allows for easy highway towing and transport around the job site. Used in conjunction with a full body harness and self-retracting lifeline, the Road Ranger Mobile Anchor provides a complete fall arrest system "on the go."

The unit has adjustable anchor heights of 18, 20, and 22ft and can handle weights up to 310lb, it has integral outriggers for firm support and it permits a 30deg work area from anchor point. Dimensions while in use are a length of 15ft (excluding reach) and a width, with outriggers extended, of 11ft 11in.

The Road Ranger Mobile Anchor has an adjustable height 2in ball coupler, which attaches to trucks, or related towing devices, it weighs 2990lb and has a towing length of 16ft 2in, height of 6ft 7in and width of 6ft 3in.

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