16/10/2012 - 04:00 am

SANY America Launches North American Reach Stackers, Container Handlers

SANY America, Peachtree City, Ga., has launched container reach stackers and empty-container handlers for port, rail, and intermodal cargo use in North America.

“Sany port machines are in use at some of the busiest ports and intermodal yards in the world,” said Kyle Nape, vice president of global sales and marketing at Sany America. “We’re bringing that substantial product experience into North America for the first time. We’re starting with two important products, but plan to expand our offerings in the near future to serve an even bigger part of the cargo transportation market.”

Sany America recently named Binder Machinery Company of South Plainfield, N.J., and Atlantic Machinery of Richmond, Va., as its first port equipment dealers.

Reach Stackers

Sany reach stackers are engineered for container work in ports, as well as loading rail cars, semi-trailers, and barges. The Sany RSC45C2 port reach stacker has a maximum hoisting height of 49’7” and a maximum load of nearly 50 U.S. tons to efficiently move the heaviest laden containers.

The telescopic dual-beam top spreader features four hydraulically activated twistlocks for quick securing and release of containers. Indicator lights tell the operator when the spreader is seated properly, locked, or unlocked. The reach stacker’s long boom allows the machine to stack standard ISO containers three deep by five high for productivity in a port environment.

Sany reach stackers have a patented movable counterweight for optimum stability that doesn’t increase machine weight. The machines have advanced features that help ensure reliable operation. The system detects potential overload conditions and only allows boom retraction and lowering until load conditions normalize. If the machine continues to be off balance, the counterweight joins with the hook plate and integrates with the rear axle.

The onboard computer monitors nearly 800 diagnostic points 50 times per second and reports real-time operating conditions on the high-resolution in-cab monitor. The cab has expansive glass with no blind spots, increasing operator confidence and comfort. The cab power-drive feature slides the cab horizontally on tracks to optimize operator visibility. The power-shift transmission is smooth and easy to operate. The reach stacker is powered by a 335-hp Cummins diesel engine. It is designed to handle 20- to 40-foot ISO standard containers.

The Sany reach stacker line includes attachments like an intermodal spreader, designed for quick and efficient loading and unloading of containers and trailers from rail cars, trucks and barges. The intermodal spreader features four hydraulically folding grapple arms that extend for locking onto trailers or ISO standard containers. The tilting attachment is made for dumping sand, soil, aggregate or other scrap material from containers from as high as 36’3”.

The log stacker features 45 square feet of maximum gripping area and maximum lift height of 31’2” for loading, unloading, stacking, and feeding full length or cut timber at paper mills and wood terminals. The tube stacker has a rugged hook attached directly to the boom for handling steel tube, bulk cargo, coiled steel rolls, and other material. It has a maximum lift capacity of 55 U.S. tons and maximum lifting height of 49’7”.

Empty-Container Handlers

The Sany line of three empty-container handlers has a rated load of 21.9 U.S. tons and maximum hoisting heights of 70’3”, 62’0”, and 51’2”, respectively. The three models can stack six, seven or eight ISO standard containers high, respectively. They can be configured for single or double stacking.

The container handlers feature a load-sensing hydraulic system that automatically detects load weight and delivers the exact power needed. High-torque 220-hp Cummins diesel engines provide quick, smooth operation. Kessler drive axles provide durability and long life under any work conditions.

Expansive cab glass provides a clear view to the front, above, and sides. The in-cab monitor displays an array of performance information from the onboard computer, offering quick diagnostics and solutions should a fault occur. The cab features an intuitive, ergonomic layout with all controls within easy view and quick reach. Dual accelerator pedals help prevent foot fatigue. Electronic climate control keeps the cab comfortable regardless of outside weather conditions.

“Sany empty-container handlers are made with the operator in mind,” Nape said. “Comfort, easy operation and machine durability mean maximum productivity.”

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