10/02/2012 - 04:00 am

Sapient Automation Introduces Viper Vertical Lift Module Control System

Sapient Automation’s new Viper Vertical Lift Module (VLM) automatic tray height scanning system automatically determines each tray’s exact storage height requirement down to a 1” increment every time a tray is retrieved. The VLM’s control system determines the optimum storage position in the unit based on optimizing space and retrieval time.

The Viper VLM’s automatic tray height scanning system and tray design can provide more than 50 percent more storage density. The tray now uses thinner side walls, flat bottoms and no dividers or support cross members in the open storage area.

The flat bottom design eliminates the need for tray liners which increase costs and take space, while the thinner side walls provide more storage space. Eliminating reinforcement cross members in the storage area of the tray creates increased storage capacity and easier storage management.

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