07/12/2011 - 04:00 am

Sapient Automation Launches Intelligent Machine Health Monitoring Program

Sapient Automation, Hatfield, Pa., has introduced a new program called Intelligent Machine Health Monitoring (IMHM), which remotely monitors horizontal and vertical carousel and VLM systems in real time, and allows technicians to respond prior to failure.

The IMHM system remotely monitors critical maintenance thresholds, actual carousel/VLM usage, picks, run time, and energy consumption levels to detect variances and anomalies that could lead to failure or performance issues.

The IMHM program is free and takes less than three minutes of IT support to install. Likewise, IMHM can be integrated on any existing horizontal or vertical carousel or VLM regardless of manufacturer or age.

The program allows preventative maintenance to be scheduled at optimal times in the work cycle, such as during slow periods or before anticipated peak operating times, resulting in a planned approach to maintenance that anticipates stoppages and eliminates unscheduled system downtime.

Additionally, the program enables managers to better spot anomalies that can indicate problems such as unsafe operation or poor use of the system, and helps organizations meet lean initiatives and sustainability objectives by reducing overall energy requirements and labor requirements for picking operations.

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