24/05/2006 - 05:00 am

SC&RA Foundation Partners with eBay to Raise Funds

More than 500 people attended the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association's annual conference, held last month in Hilton Head, S.C. This included 47 attendees from eight nations outside the United States and 50 first-time attendees.

For the first time, the SC&R Foundation, which generates revenue for the association's education and research projects, made use of a partnership with online auction giant eBay to expand access of its fund-raising efforts to more than just those members in attendance at the meeting. According SC&R Foundation manager Rebecca Page, only about half of the total membership actually attends the meeting.

“In the past we have always used the silent auction format,” said Page. “This year we experimented with combining the traditional silent auction with the eBay online auction. The online auction offers the additional benefit of being open for more days than the meeting itself, increasing exposure to members. In all, the Foundation raised more than $25,000 during the conference.

For more information on research projects and scholarships available through the association, go to www.scranet.org/foundation/.

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