07/11/2006 - 06:00 am

SC&RA Weighs in on Training Standards for Crane Operators

SC&RA Vice President Beth O'Quinn publicly supported the proposed draft standard on cranes and derricks in construction during OSHA's Advisory Committee on Construction Safety and Health (ACCSH) in October, according to the Construction Labor Report.

Responding to arguments that training costs would become an undue hardship for small firms, O'Quinn said: "Training is already mandated in the current standard. It is our belief that training should be a constant, ongoing process for all companies engaged in crane operations, not just something to be done every five years to maintain a certification."

Based on the current crane operator certification program available, she said the highest cost for the exams themselves would be $275 per person. Considering that certifications are valid for five years, the average cost is about 15 cents per day, she added.

ACCSH gave its unanimous approval to the proposed draft standard during the meeting.

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