04/10/2011 - 04:00 am

Shuttlelift Launches New Double-Beam Mobile Gantry Cranes

Shuttlelift, Sturgeon Bay, Wis., has released the new DB Series double-beam mobile gantry cranes designed to lift heavy, bulky items from production to transport. Targeted for plant manager use in applications such as those in the concrete and steel industries, DB Series model capacities range from 60,000 pounds to 400,000 pounds.

The DB rubber-tire gantry cranes enable loads to be suspended directly beneath the frame, eliminating the need to interpret complex stability charts. Hoists are mounted to the lower side beam, so the operator can easily see the winding of the wire rope and can perform maintenance without renting a personnel lift. If unsafe conditions occur, shutdown controls located at each corner of the crane enable ground personnel around the crane’s perimeter to stop the crane.

For durability, the line’s main frame features a high-strength, low alloy steel and formed box section column design, and grease fittings on sheaves and pivot points remove contaminants that accelerate bearing wear by flushing out fine dust and dirt. In addition, the line’s hydraulic oil cooler maintains hydraulic oil temperature, allowing the cranes to work more efficiently at higher duty cycles and in harsh work environments.

DB Series cabs offer enhanced visibility with 58.75 square feet of glass, 19.8 square feet of floor space, and 74 inches of headroom. Additionally, a 180° indexable seat position, fully proportional finger-tip controls, and an adjustable seat and armrest provide greater operator comfort.

Shuttlelift’s range of rubber-tire gantry cranes includes the ISL and SL Series product lines as well as the single-beam SB Series, which was released last year. The new DB Series cranes are currently available for delivery.

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