28/08/2012 - 04:00 am

Siemens Energy Facility in North Carolina Expands with Demag Cranes

Siemens Energy selected Demag Cranes as the overhead crane supplier for its Charlotte manufacturing operation expansion. Siemens expanded its manufacturing operation with the completion of a 450,000-square-foot natural gas turbine production plant adjacent to its existing steam turbine-generator plant. Charlotte is the only Siemens plant in the world that makes gas and steam turbines, as well as generators. The facility also plays a key role in the important power plant service business.

Demag Cranes has completed  the installation of all of the overhead cranes including several above 100 tons in capacity with spans of almost 100 feet. Most of the cranes had multiple hoist arrangements, for dual pick up and rotating parts, with main and auxiliary hoisting functions. Each crane was designed to meet the specific lifting and turning requirements of the manufacturing process. These cranes are used throughout the manufacturing and assembly process, from single part production to lifting, rotating, fine positioning, transporting and loading the completed gas turbine which can weigh more than 250 tons.

“These cranes are integral to each step of the turbine manufacturing process,” said Troy Starr, Manufacturing Technician, Siemens Energy. “Demag provided a full range of solutions, from small work station cranes, wall traveling jib cranes, to the very large 450-ton crane.”

According to Aaron Gooding, gas turbine expansion project manager: “This was a very challenging project, and Demag along with its installation team of Eastern Crane and System Specialties completed the project within a tight schedule by coordinating closely with the production departments and the construction contractors.”

“Siemens has built a world class, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North America which is focused on producing clean energy turbines and will increase USA exports. We are pleased to have been selected by Siemens to provide their crane equipment and to have supported Siemens with the successful completion of this facility“, said John Paxton, president, Demag Cranes North America.

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