20/01/2016 - 15:19 pm

Simulate for safety / Industrial News

Canadian company CM Labs Simulations has released a new training module for operators of rough terrain mobile cranes to coincide with unpredictable winter conditions in North America and Europe.

The new training module, which provides a complete learning solution for RT mobile crane trainees, can run from any Vortex Simulator. This includes simulators ranging from the multi-screen Vortex Master with optional motion base, to the desktop-based Vortex Trainer.

The user interface is available in English, French, and Spanish.

CM Labs' Vortex training solutions are used at hundreds of installations internationally to provide apprentices with the skills and work habits they need to operate cranes and heavy equipment safely and efficiently.

In addition to new training exercises and learning objectives, the RT mobile crane module features the most advanced simulations available for cables – powered by decades of research.

Simulation of the crane is built on proven Vortex dynamics and includes complete simulation of the mechanical and hydraulic systems, and interactions with the worksite.

This level of realism ensures that trainees develop real skills and situational awareness.

Integrated training tools include an optional student management system that allows instructors to generate reports from training sessions, and review current and past performance.

Vortex training modules include a new integrated heads-up display (HUD) to guide operator trainees through training exercises. The HUD includes work sequence information for the operator, contextual messages, and a list of performance metrics updated in real time.

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