15/11/2016 - 00:40 am

Skyjack Plays Role in Upcoming Film – Industry News

Skyjack is helping an elite team investigate the mysterious spacecraft touch down across the world in the upcoming award-winning film Arrival. In this science fiction about humans' first communication with aliens, a Skyjack rough-terrain scissor lift is seen elevating an elite team that includes characters portrayed by Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker smoothly up to an aircraft entrance.

“We really appreciate the opportunity to help bridge the human-alien communication gap with Skyjack's rough-terrain scissor lift,” said Malcolm Early, vice president of marketing, Skyjack. “The movie producers were specific on the brand they wanted, and we were honored to be part of an award-winning film.”

The SJ7135 RT takes center stage during the first minute of the trailer, where it safely lifts a team including Adams as linguist Louise Bank, Renner as mathematician Ian Donnelly and Whitaker as US Army Colonel Weber. The team's goal is to decipher and communicate with the aliens to ask the key question: “what is your purpose on this planet?”

Skyjack provided a SJ7135 RT for use in the movie and an additional platform for the scenes in green room. Like all Skyjack's rough terrain scissors, the SJ7135 RT was designed with Simple Reliability in mind so it's easy to service and maintain – vital in the film industry where even a second of downtime could cost hundreds of dollars in production costs.

“Even the aliens wouldn't have needed scientists or linguists to decipher how to use or maintain our lifts because Skyjack lifts are simply reliable in any language,” Early said.

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