14/04/2011 - 04:00 am

Smart-Rig Cranes Utilized for Commercial Window Installs

The commercial glass industry is taking notice of Smart-Rig Crane’s, Newport Beach, Calif., S1 model. "Commercial glazing contractors in the U.S. and Canada are using the mini-cranes to lower their bottom line," said Josh Clark, owner of Smart-Rig Cranes. With its portable design, the glass lifting robotic portable crane can be transported by elevators or put on floors by a larger crane.

Using a unique water-tank counterweight system, hydraulic boom, and battery-powered winch with steel cable, the unit can position glass panels into place, pick and carry loads, and raise or lower materials.

Service Glass, Frederick, Md., purchased two S1 Smart-Rig Cranes to help save time and money compared to renting expensive large cranes continually. They are using the Smart-Rig mini-crane to install 500- to 800-pound glass panels.

"Large cranes can hurt your bottom line,” said Clark. “Our mini floor crane is an essential piece of lifting and glass handling equipment to any glazing company doing commercial jobs, but is also used in HVAC, aircraft maintenance, facilities and a variety of construction industries."

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