04/08/2020 - 12:24 pm

SNM Lift is official Oil & Steel dealer for North-West France.

Oil & Steel has formalised SNM Lift as an Oil & Steel distributor for the market in north-west France. The SNM Group, founded in 1981, is a French company specialising in the sale and handling of mobile cranes (SNM Cranes), but also in equipment for the transfer of containers and hydraulic cranes (SNM Heavy Handling) and lifting platforms (SNM Lift). SNM also offers a repair service and original manufacturer spare parts for all its machines.

Fabrizio Girotti, general manager of Oil & Steel said, “I am glad to announce the continuation of our partnership with the company SNM Lift: they will contribute to the marketing and after-sales service of Oil & Steel in the north-west of France. SNM Lift will be a fundamental partner for the growth of our brand in France, a historically important country for Oil & Steel.”

Fabien Tuduri, SNM Lift’s sales manager said, “SNM Lift is pleased to continue its partnership with Oil & Steel, that began in 2013. Its range of innovative and high-performance aerial platforms, combined with a leading position in the market, make Oil & Steel a brand approved by our customers. The aerial platforms’ easy use and operation are particularly appreciated by users. It is therefore a real asset for SNM Lift to be an authorized  Oil & Steel  distributor with whom we share the same  commitments to quality and  customer service.”

SNM Lift has already confirmed an important order for more than 20 Oil & Steel lifting platforms for 2020: Snake 2010 H Plus and Snake 2413 Plus. The Oil & Steel Snake 2010 H model is an articulated platform with a double pantograph that reaches a maximum height of 20m and a maximum outreach of 10.2m with a maximum load of 250kg in the basket. The Snake 2010 H Plus is the only one in its range to have an outreach of 10.2m, which makes it one of Oil & Steel’s best-selling MEWPs. It is equipped with four stabilisers and, at the front, extendable cross members with H-stabilisers. Because of this configuration, it is possible to work with maximum flexibility and guarantee high performance even with stabilisation in confined spaces. Another feature offered by the Snake 2010H Plus is the perfectly vertical movement of the basket during pantograph elevation.

The Snake 2413 Plus is an articulated aerial platform that offers a maximum working height of 23.5m and a maximum outreach of 12.6m with a maximum load of 250 kg in the basket. The main characteristics of the Snake 2413 Plus model are: sturdy and compact dimensions which favour working in very small spaces; lightness and stability and safe, precise, steady and smooth movements.

The stabilisation of the platform is ensured by extendable H-shaped crossbars which, depending on the working space conditions, can be positioned with the crossbars fully open (in conditions of large spaces for stabilisation) or else fully closed ( conditions of reduced spaces) or, again, sleepers open on one side and closed on the other, ideal in limited workspaces (such as roadside work).The controls of the Oil & Steel Snake 2413 Plus from the aerial part are electro-hydraulic and can be operated both from the column in an emergency, or from the basket by the joysticks of the control console. The basket is entirely aluminium with two openings protected by bars with gravity closing, in addition, it has double access which makes it easier for operators to climb in.

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