01/07/2017 - 20:14 pm

Southwest Wire Rope Achieves DNV GL 2.7-1 & 2.7-3 Certification For Offshore Lifting Sets

Southwest Wire Rope, a Heavy Lift Division of HWC (NASDAQ: HWCC), has received its DNV GL Type Approval Certificate (TAC) to design, manufacture, test, tag and certify lifting sets for Offshore Containers (DNV 2.7-1) and Portable Offshore Units (DNV 2.7-3). This certification makes Southwest Wire Rope a DNV GL certified manufacturer of the largest wire rope diameter for offshore lifting slings in the USA.

DNV is the premier accredited registrar and classification society for offshore lifting in the world.  A vast majority of offshore companies require (or at least prefer) DNV certification for offshore lifting needs.

Southwest Wire Rope’s TAC covers wire rope sizes up to 89mm with a Working Load Limit of 92t (applicable to DNV 2.7-3)  – the largest wire rope size in the US.

Southwest Wire Rope will design & manufacture slings for DNV 2.7-1 & DNV 2.7-3 without requiring DNV GL's approval, resulting in shorter lead times and lower costs for customers; and manufacture DNV GL certified slings in its three locations of Houston, Texas, New Iberia & Sulphur, Louisiana.

 Eric Davis, president of HWC Heavy Lift Division says “We are excited by the opportunity this presents our customers across the Gulf Coast because the nature of our DNV certification allows us to manufacture these types of offshore lifting slings faster than anyone else – which gives our customers a decisive advantage in a highly competitive market.” 

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