10/09/2013 - 15:52 pm

Southworth Products Introduces New Low-Profile Lift Table | Industry News

In industry news, Southworth Products' new low-profile lift table, LiftMat, has a capacity of 2,200 lbs., rises to 31½ in., and descends to 3¼ in. above the floor–making it suitable for tight work spaces. Made of structural steel, the LiftMat has 15 platform options ranging from 6-in. increments of width and/or height 24 x 60 in. to 48 x 72 in..

It accommodates any skid or pallet, including closed-bottom designs. An optional diamond-plate ramp allows workers to feed and offload the lift with a hand pallet truck or rolling cart. Also available is a portability package — two fixed wheels at one end of the base frame and a skid spotter with steel wheels (adds ½ in. to collapsed height and requires a minimum platform width of 30 in.).

The user can access loads from all four sides with no bending and minimal reach-over.  As boxes are added or removed, the platform is raised or lowered to a comfortable height with a powered foot switch, a hand-held push-button remote, or a wall-mounted switch.  A full-perimeter, auto-stop safety toe guard instantly stops descent when it comes in contact with obstruction. 

Because it does not require a pit, the unit can be relocated as needed and can be used in leased buildings or on upper floors where pits cannot be built.  Other applications include machine feeding, raising malfunctioning equipment to a comfortable level for repair work, assembly work positioning, and transferring loads between levels.


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