29/05/2018 - 13:32 pm

Specialist heavy lifting trolley with remote controller

Italian company Morello has designed and manufactured the Omni-E self-loading multidirectional battery trolley with 70t payload for an important Indian Company. This battery powered trolley has been designed to avoid using the overhead crane to move material around the plant and is remotely controlled by an REMDevice Unit.

The trolley can go under the load, lift it by 250mm, take it wherever is necessary and lie it down. This saves time, moves heavy materials in a safer way (avoiding suspended loads) and leaves the overhead crane free to carry-out other tasks.

Th trolley is also very practical due to its multidirectional feature – every wheel’s unit can steer independently so this electric trolley can perform any kind of steering: 90deg steering (side move), diagonal steering, carousel (steering in its centre), compass (turn about a point) and standard Ackermann steering.

Combining a self-loading feature to multidirectional operation makes the trolley flexible, as it is possible to use all available space, without any compromise.

This trolley is battery powered and it can be equipped with lithium battery, in order to have the best available performances, reducing the charging time to approximately 2 hours.

On each of four sides there is a laser scanner able to detect obstacles along the way in order to slow down the trolley and finally stop it if the obstacle is not removed.

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