21/07/2014 - 11:11 am

Stahl Chain Hoists Keep Chinese Automotive Sector on the Move


Stahl CraneSystems is continuing to raise its profile in the Chinese automotive sector, with chain hoists the tool of choice for many manufacturers.

The car market in China has grown continuously in recent years, by 21% last year alone. Stahl’s Shanghai-based subsidiary generated around a quarter of its turnover last year from companies in the automotive market.

There is more manual operation in China, in contrast to other geographies, like Germany. The resulting slower cycle permits the use of chain hoists; Stahl‘s ST range is commonplace. The STD dual chain hoist, with parallel chain lead-offs running completely in sync, is used for lifting and transporting car bodies. At present the new SC chain hoist is gaining ground and is used primarily in general manufacturing.

Stahl‘s 22-strong, Shanghai team cooperates with six crane building partners in the east of the country, which are both former state-owned enterprises and smaller private companies. Due to the extreme distances and the shipping costs involved, the partners operate regionally.

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