15/05/2012 - 04:00 am

Stärke’s Energy Series Electric Forklifts Delivery Efficiency

The Starke Energy Series of AC electric forklifts are available in three- and four-wheel models with 1.5 to 3 ton capacities and are loaded with high-end features and reliable components. These machines’ efficiency comes from more than just lower power consumption. They also reduce downtime for repairs and maintenance, provide excellent ergonomics for operator productivity, and minimize cost by providing excellent value for your dollar.

Standard features include the AC drive system, a fully programmable in dash Italian SME controller, wet disc brakes, and a hydraulic steering system. Other features are the domestic-sized battery compartments, front dual-drive on all three-wheel models for excellent maneuverability, wide-view mast for better sightlines, and a hydraulic lift cylinder safety-check valve.

These quiet, emission-free forklifts are equipped with an ergonomically designed steering wheel and control levers, a spacious operator area, tilt steering, and even a cup holder to ensure operator comfort and reduce fatigue.  Also, the wide entry with an accessible step and operator entry handles, neutral safety start system, and excellent forward visibility make Starke Energy forklifts one of the safest on the market.

Each model is backed by a network of factory trained technicians and a solid two year/four thousand hour warranty.  Available in a choice of traditional cushion tires for durability in indoor/warehouse operations, or resilient/pneumatic tires for a smoother ride on rougher indoor or outdoor terrain, Starke is sure to have an electric Energy series forklift that will suit your application.

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