29/11/2013 - 13:45 pm

Starworker 1200 Trailer Crane Helps Launch New Games Console at Leicester Square

A Starworker 1200 trailer crane was hired to help create the giant dome centerpiece for the grames console launch in London’s Leicester Square. Using an MRT4 vacuum lifter fitted with curved suction pads, the Starworker installed a total of 56 fiberglass panels to create the 12-meter tall dome structure.

GGR’s crane operator spent four days in Leicester Square building the dome which had never been fully assembled before. A scaffold was built around the square’s Shakespeare fountain and statue, then the dome constructed around that. The dome’s largest panels weighed 80kg and were 1.5 meters wide.

The 1200-kg. capacity Starworker has a 22.5-meter working radius and 360° continuous slewing rotation that enabled it to reach every installation point around the sphere. A 9-meter long fly jib and extra extension were fitted to the crane to maximize its potential reach.

Once the dome was complete it was lit up from the inside and the rest of the stage could be built around it ready for the launch event’s celebrity appearances and performances. The next morning GGR’s Starworker returned to Leicester Square to dismantle the dome in one day.

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