13/01/2015 - 20:04 pm

Steute Wireless Hand Control Developed for Hoists | Industry News

Steute has developed the RF HB-4CH wireless hand control, which was inspired by Steute’s business division for medical equipment controls. The RF HB-4CH is equipped with four push buttons that can be assigned desired functions with little parametric effort on the receiver side. The housing is light to handle and the lithium batteries  provide the power necessary for about 800,000 switching cycles without needing to be changed.

The hand control communicates with the receiver device via sWave wireless technology (SW 868/ SW 915). Short switching frequencies are possible (approx. 12,000 telegrams with repetition per hour). The range is 400 meters outdoors and around 50 meters inside buildings. This wireless technology, developed by steute especially for industrial applications, creates the conditions necessary for disturbance-free, reliable signal transmission, and the simultaneous operation of several hand controls within one wireless area. 

Typical uses for the RF HB-4CH wireless hand control includes machines and hoisting devices, as well as the operation of automatic storage systems, pumps, and winches. In building automation, the wireless switching device can be used to operate industrial gates, barriers, and lighting systems.

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