01/03/2012 - 06:00 am

Straddle Carrier for Container Terminal

Konecranes has received its fourth straddle carrier order from the German container terminal and logistics company Eurogate Container Terminal Hamburg GmbH. The latest order comprises 14 straddle carriers for container handling including maintenance services.

When the machines from the latest order have been delivered, Eurogate will have 55 Konecranes straddle carriers in its fleet. The machines will be delivered in the second quarter of 2012. The value of the new order is not disclosed.

Eurogate is Europe’s leading shipping line-independent container terminal and logistics group. Jointly, with Contship Italia, it operates sea terminals in the Baltic and North Sea, in the Mediterranean region as well as in the Atlantic. The company has ten terminals and it handled 12.6 million TEUs in 2010. Eurogate offers a full range of box-related services, from cargo-modal services, to container-dept services, container servicing and repair. In addition, it offers intermodal transport.

“This fourth order from Eurogate on one hand proves that our straddle carriers are reliable and technically advanced products, and on the other hand that our outstanding service support is appreciated by our customers,” said Jens Andreas, general manager, straddle carriers. “The 55 units we have delivered form an important part of Eurogate’s fleet of straddle carriers.”

The straddle carriers represent the latest technology on the market. The machines have a lifting capacity of 50 tons and can stack containers 1 over 2 high. They will be used for moving and stacking containers in the container yard.

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