09/01/2018 - 16:05 pm

Straightpoint Appoints New Marketing Executive

Straightpoint (SP) has appointed Phil Roch as marketing executive, as the load cell manufacturer looks to leverage his extensive expertise in technical content, videography and events.

Roch, who has an entertainment technology degree, brings a wealth of experience to the company, most recently as marketing and technical content producer in the security technology sector. He has enhanced previous employers’ visibility through written materials, a variety of videos, and events of all types, including those that engaged audiences in the aviation and naval sectors. SP is noted for its growing presence in the aforementioned sectors among a multitude of others.

Roch said, “My first impressions of all departments of the company, from the new machine shop to the offices next-door, were that it is an extremely well organised operation. Upon joining the company and meeting the team, it’s further apparent that SP has a super-engaged workforce, passionate about the products and its customers. There’s a terrific atmosphere [here] and I’m excited about showcasing that to a greater number of people over the coming months.”

David Ayling, director at SP, said, “We see ourselves as pioneers in our sector and a key component of retaining thought leadership status is communicating on a regular and multifaceted basis with existing contacts in addition to prospective partners and customers. It’s going to be interesting to follow Phil’s content and marketing pathways to that end.”

Roch, joins Tanya Gregory in the marketing team.


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