13/01/2015 - 20:07 pm

Straightpoint Doubles Warranty, Demonstrates Products in AWRF Video

Straightpoint Inc. has extended the warranty period on its force measurement, load monitoring, and suspended weighing load cell range from one to two years at no cost to the end user. The warranty applies to any Straightpoint product, including the new Radiolink Plus wireless tension load cell, shackle load cell, and other force measurement equipment. Products can be registered through an online form at www.straightpoint.com/extended-warranty.

Straightpoint’s Director David Ayling also was recently featured in a video recorded at the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators Product Information Exhibition last fall. Ayling demonstrates the new features of the Radiolink Plus wireless tension load cell on the video. AWRF’s video also features other manufacturers and service providers that help illustrate how load cells fit in the lifting and rigging processes, particularly in relation to dynamic load monitoring.

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