18/06/2013 - 09:16 am

Straightpoint Launches Wireless Compression Load Cell


Force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing systems specialist Straightpoint has added a new wireless compression load cell to its range.

The unit has a wireless range of up to 250m and battery life of 400 hours, allowing for the calculation of total mass and the centre of gravity on loads up to and exceeding 4,000t.  

Previously available in a hardwired standard format, the new wireless version has eradicated cables, meaning large scale projects can be completed in a fraction of the time and maintenance costs are reduced.

The product’s flexibility lends itself to a large number of applications in the mining, energy, defence, heavy rigging, shipping, aircraft and general transportation sectors. Typical applications include hydraulic and pneumatic press force verification and calibration, structural testing, aircraft weighing, material force testing, heavy construction pile driving and static or dynamic weighing.

Transmission of data is via the latest in IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz) technology and is capable of a license free transmission range of up to 250m. The wireless compression load cell can also be linked up to Straightpoint‘s wireless accessories, including a signal booster and software packages, allowing for the calculation of centre of gravity, the ability to data log and print reports and allow the simultaneous display and monitoring of up to 24 wireless load cells on a single PC screen.  

Straightpoint director David Ayling said: “In addition, we have just re-engineered our range of shackle load cells, including a new design and specification. Previously made to order, we are now able to supply the shackle load cells next day, which is a bonus for ad hoc projects or last minute requirements.”

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