14/02/2014 - 15:05 pm

Straightpoint Load Cells Used for Critical Lifts at Power Station


Load monitoring equipment specialist Straightpoint, Inc. has provided load cell dynamometers for critical lifts at the Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant in Waynesboro, Georgia.

CB&I, a leading provider of engineering, procurement and construction services to the power industry, is heading up the construction project for Georgia Power, where Straightpoint Radiolink Plus tension load cell dynamometers are used in conjunction with Multiple Wireless Load Cell Controller software. This software allows the simultaneous control, display and data logging of up to 24 Straightpoint wireless load cells from a single PC.

The most recent Straightpoint units to be used by CB&I at the Waynesboro construction site are two RLP250TUs, each rated at 550,000 lbs.

These high capacity tension load cells are being provided by Delta Rigging & Tools, out of Delta's Angleton office in Texas. Since teaming up with Straightpoint last year, Delta has built up an inventory of rental Straightpoint products.

Straightpoint supplies load link load cells, dynamometers, load shackles, crane scales, center of gravity and data logging systems.

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