19/08/2013 - 10:17 am

Straightpoint Selects NTE Projects as Distributor in Saudi Arabia


Straightpoint, a designer and manufacturer of force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cells, has selected NTE Projects as its distributor in Saudi Arabia.

Known as NTE Projects, Al-Najm Al-Thaqib Est is a sister company of the Hadi Hammam Group and has been established since 1978. The company was set up to meet the demands of professional services companies in equipment for facility management, fire fighting, ancillary services and marine safety.

NTE Projects will now be the sole and exclusive distributing agent for Straightpoint in the region. It will be marketing, selling and distributing all products that are offered by Straightpoint to the Saudi Arabian market and will also offer a calibration and load cell rental service.

Straightpoint director David Ayling said: “The appointment of NTE as exclusive distributor of Straightpoint products across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the culmination of many months searching for a ‘perfect fit’ partner for us. As fellow LEEA members, NTE is ideally positioned and has great expansion plans ensuring that the next few years will be very exciting for both companies across this thriving region.”

He added: “We will have access to the skills and knowledge that is necessary to be effective at offering our products and services to the Saudi Arabian market. NTE Projects has the relevant expertise, experience, intellectual capital and contacts to promote Straightpoint products effectively, and it also brings a significant commitment to our business and our quality of service.”

Straightpoint anticipates interest in its Radiolink plus, wireless load shackles and wireless centre of gravity systems, given the oil and gas, construction, marine and general industries in the area.

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