24/03/2014 - 14:00 pm

Straightpoint Selects Three New Distributors in Europe and North Africa

Straightpoint has selected Traction Levage in France, Cargo Flet Blasant in Spain, and Atelier EMH in North Africa as new distributors; they will be marketing, selling, and distributing all products that are offered by Straightpoint in their respective countries.

Traction Levage distributes wire ropes, manufactures chain and wire rope slings, and trades in lifting equipment and textile slings; the company is now Straightpoint’s exclusive dealer in France. Cargo Flet Blasant, Straightpoint’s distributor in Spain, provides industrial lifting equipment, transport machinery, steel cables, and slings; Atelier EMH’s main activities include the installation, control, and certification of winches and tackles in the industrial domain along with control, lifting, and safety equipment in the marine sector. 

Director of Straightpoint, David Ayling added, “Traction Levage has been one of our global partners for a number of years and has now become our exclusive partner for France.  We had also been looking for a partner to sell our products in Spain and are delighted to recently appoint Cargo Flet Blasant.  Finally, we welcome Atelier EMH to our partner programme and look forward to working with them to extend our reach throughout North Africa.”

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