02/03/2023 - 09:53 am

Supply chain veteran, Ken Fleming joins Fizyr

Fizyr, a company providing smart and fast vision AI for robotic systems has appointed Ken Fleming as CEO to lead the business into its critical North American and European expansion. Fizyr’s co-founder and previous CEO Herbert ten Have remains as director of strategic alliances, continuing in his role as a robotics industry visionary.

“Labour availability, reliability and performance have become major issues for supply chain management. Fizyr radically improves automation efforts for warehouses and 3PLs in eCommerce, retail and logistics with its vision AI solutions for robotics,” said Fleming. “Businesses can slash the need for human intervention, protect and better retain their workforces, increase safety compliance, and automate tasks they never thought possible with Fizyr.”

Before joining Fizyr, Fleming served as president of Logistyx Technologies, where he led the acquisitions of several world-leading parcel shipping technology companies to form, launch and grow Logistyx into a leading provider of strategic parcel shipping and fulfillment technology that was acquired by e2open Parent Holdings, Inc. in March 2022. With more than 25 years of management experience in software and technology services, he has managed operations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.

“With the methodologies and algorithms we developed to enhance the vision AI experience through supervised machine learning, Fizyr renders industry standard processes for picking a wide variance of items and parcels obsolete. By running our algorithms on state-of-the-art neural networks to analyse 2D and 3D images, Fizyr extracts essential information to focus on key parameters and deliver highly precise instructions to the picking robots for unparalleled picking capabilities,” said Fleming.

With Fizyr, robots pick with unprecedented success rates, handle a wide variety of goods, palletise and depalletise, and even boost compliance by automating non-compliant heavy lifting that has long drained the productivity, satisfaction and safety of fulfilment and logistics professionals.

Fizyr offers advanced vision AI for robots, providing the smartest, fastest and most effective brain available to maximize robotic capabilities. Compatible with all major robotics systems on the market, Fizyr’s vision-based AI enables robots to see, perceive, account for variances, learn and perform more successfully than any other robotic software. Years of leading research in both AI and robotics ensure the highest levels of accuracy and performance.

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