26/07/2006 - 05:00 am

Tadano America Introduces ATF220G-5 All-Terrain Crane

Tadano America, Houston, Texas, introduces the 242-ton ATF220G-5 all-terrain crane to the North American marketplace. The first ATF220G-5 will hit the Port of Miami, Fla., in November and will be delivered to Sims Crane and Equipment Co. The second unit will enter the United States at the Port of Houston, and PSI Crane & Rigging, New Castle, Colo., will receive this crane. Preliminary specs have been submitted for publication.

Tadano's ATF220G-5 all-terrain crane features a seven-section, box-type telescopic boom with one cylinder system that telescopes to its full-length of 223 feet in approximately 600 seconds. The sections are automatically extended and retracted and will lock in the selected working position. All boom telescope sections are extendable under partial load.

Two joystick levers and four three-way electrically operated valves allow for independent simultaneous operation of all crane motions with variable speed control. Powering the superstructure is a six-cylinder, 204-hp Mercedes Benz OM 906 LA diesel engine.

The superstructure cab features a panoramic view with extra-large tinted glass windows, an electrically controlled fold-out front window, fixed cab roof window with armored glass, a fold-out rear cab window, and a sliding door. Faun's unique tiltiing inner cockpit can raise and lower the instrumentation/control panels and seat with the cab without affecting the position of the cab. It is also equipped with a hydraulically adjustable cushioned seat with a headrest and manually adjustable lubar supports, hour meter, sun visor, cab light, signal horn, radio/CD player and 24- and 12-volt sockets.

Safety devices on the superstructure include a load-moment indicator with interpolation and automatic shut-off by overload, overload pre-warning, and load moment meter, as well as working area limitation. Digital display of working radius, actual load on hook, maximum permissible load, boom length, boom angle, and tip height. Tadano's Lift Adjuster and working area limiter are standard on the ATF220G-5. Other safety features include a hoist limit switch, lower limit switch on winch, safety valves against pipe and hose rupture, holding valves on hydraulic cylinders, and a wind speed device on boom point.

The counterweight totals 78 tons and can be divided, assembled, and disassembled by hydraulic cylinders controlled from the crane cab. With the 78-ton counterweight, overall width of the crane is 18 feet.

Crane Carrier

The Tadano ATF220G-5 all-terrain crane carrier is a five-axle, box-type, torsion resistant frame made of high tensile steel with integral outrigger housings. Equipped with a front towing hook and tie-down lugs, the carrier also has two built-in access ladders on each side and three lockable storage compartments. Overall dimensions of the Tadano ATF220G-5 is 9'x49.5'x13'.

Outriggers are four-point, fully hydraulic, double telescopic outriggers with integral holding valves on the vertical cylinders. Outrigger controls are located on both sides of the carrier and in the superstructure cab. Automatic leveling is possible with the electronic level gauges with an additional electronic level indicator available in the superstructure cab. The outrigger base is 27'x29.5' with the mid-extension measuring 18 feet.

An eight-cylinder, water-cooled 530-hp Mercedes Benz OM 502 LA diesel engine runs the carrier. Maximum travel speed is 43 mph.

The ZF AS-Tronic 16 AS 2602 mechanical transmission features an electronically/pneumatically regulated dry-type clutch and fully automatic gear change with integrated intarder. The starting-off gear can be manually pre-selected or automatically selected. When required, Tip-Tronic (semi-automatic) mode with manual gear selection can be selected. For extremely slow/creep speeds, low-range is available in the first forward gear and first reverse gear. Additionally one can select power or economy travel mode by using a rocker switch.

On road, the ZF-Servocom dual-circuit, hydraulically assisted steering system permanently steers the 1st and 2nd axles and depending on travel speed, the 4th and 5th axles are automatically steered in coordination with the 1st and 2nd axles. At 15 mph, the 4th axle is automatically retured to the straight ahead position and then mechanically locked, while at 31 mph, the 5th axle is automatically returned to the straight ahead position and then mechanically locked. Off-road steering possibilities from carrier cab steering control panel are automatic crab steer, independent rear-axle steer, and driving away from walls/curbs to prevent collision. The 3rd axle also can be lifted when driving off-road by activating a switch on the instrumentation panel in the carrier cab.

Lastly, the Tadano ATF220G-5 features a 1-key system for starting the carrier engine, opening the driver and upper cab doors, and both fuel tanks.

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