21/03/2016 - 17:42 pm

Tandemloc gets ISO9001 for Below the Hook Lifting Devices – Industry News

US company Tandemloc has been officially designated ISO 9001:2008 certified in the “Design, Development, Manufacture, Inspection, Testing and Distribution of Below-the-Hook Lifting and Rigging Devices; Tie Down Assemblies; ISO Shipping Container Connectors, ISO Shipping Container Construction Components, and ISO Shipping Container Mobilizing Equipment” (ISO 9001:2008 Certificate).

Tandemloc says that safety and quality products have always been its top priority and the company’s Quality Management System has always mirrored ISO 9001 requirements and standards. As a result, the company found the certification process was easy to implement and the designation was received quickly.

Kyle Klicker, Tandemloc’s quality assurance manager said, “The decision to move forward and get officially certified was a natural progression to better serve our customers and attract new ones.”

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