09/09/2014 - 13:46 pm

Tandemloc Hires Design Engineer, Focuses on New Product Development |Industry News

In order to develop new products and introduce new lines of below-the-hook lifting devices, TANDEMLOC Inc. has appointment of Randall Hoeft as a design engineer.

Hoeft brings more than 26 years of “below-the-hook” design and problem solving experience.  He will be the principal staffer and office manager of the new Tandemloc product design office opening soon in Janesville, Wis.  He will report to Jon Lamrouex, new product development manager.. 

Lamrouex has led the two year effort in designing the new lines of below-the-hook lifting devices from his office in North Carolina.  In Wisconsin, Hoeft will begin the expansion of the new product development initiative and provide a geographic presence intended to be helpful in the service of industry and lifting products customers. 

The product expansion of below-the-hook devices to date includes pallet (skid) lifters, coil hooks from 0.5 to 50-ton capacities, pipe grabs and combo lifters for crane/forklift attachment.

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