03/04/2018 - 14:26 pm

Tele Radio opens new subsidiary in Poland

Tele Radio, a leading Swedish company, which develops, manufactures and markets industrial radio remote controls, has opened a new subsidiary office in Kielce, Poland.

In order to better serve the Polish market, Tele Radio Polska Sp. z. o. has been established. The office will be managed by Dariusz Olszewski who has a long experience in the field for industrial remote controls in Poland. “The Polish market is growing quickly and is becoming a key player in the European economic region and we want to be part of that development,” says Tele Radio managing director Ola Samelius.

Poland will was upgraded from an emerging market to developed market in September 2017 by FTSE Russel, joining the ranks of countries like Germany, France, Japan, Australia and the USA. Poland is the first Central and Eastern European economy to be upgraded to Developed Market status. Today Poland is the eight-largest economy in the European Union in real GDP terms and can look back on an impressive history of growth over more than two decades. As a result, the country is poised to become Europe’s new growth engine.

Tele Radio has approximately 200 employees. Forecasted sales for 2018 is about 280 MSEK globally.

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