30/04/2018 - 16:53 pm

Tele Radio’s Hydra controls certified to SIL3

Tele Radio’s advanced line of control platform, the Hydra, has recently passed SIL3 inspection making it a safe choice for operators in safety-critical industrial environments

Industrial remote controls, transmitters and receivers, are often used at safety-critical places. To ensure the highest level of safety for the operators, the remote controls should therefore be inspected by an independent notified body rather than be classified by the actual production company itself, a practice not entirely uncommon in the electronics industry.

Tele Radio chooses to outsource the certification process to a recognised inspection body so they can ensure with certainty that the tests and analyses match the actual industry requirements.

Recently, the Hydra systems were comprehensively tested and approved by an external notified safety body and is, therefore, certified according to SIL3.

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