05/04/2012 - 15:24 pm

Terex MAC 25 SL Counterweight Increases Lifting Capacity

Terex Cranes has recently launched the Terex MAC 25 SL, a new Superlift counterweight system specially designed to increase the lifting capacity of the company’s current and earlier MAC 25 pick and carry crane models produced in Brisbane, Australia.

Designed based on extensive customer feedback, the new Terex MAC 25 SL Superlift counterweight system incorporates 2160 kg (4760 lbs) of additional counterweight to increase the rear axle weight of its pick and carry crane from 14 to 16.6 tonnes (15,5 to 18,3 US tons), increasing lifting capacity by up to 30 per cent in many cases.

 “The new MAC 25 SL system now provides [customers] the additional capacity they were looking for to extend the range of their lifting operations. This means up to 30 percent more lifting capacity over the current capacity,” said Danny Black, general manager, Terex Cranes Australia

As Australia’s most successful crane type, Terex Pick & Carry cranes are used extensively in a wide variety of lifting applications throughout the country. In addition to increasing the ability of the company’s current MAC 25 pick and carry crane model, the new Terex MAC 25 SL Superlift counterweight system can also be retrofitted onto earlier pick and carry models to increase their lifting potential.


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