25/01/2006 - 06:00 am

Teupen Updates Spider Lift

Teupen America, Reading, Mass., recently redesigned its LEO 25T spider lift to include several enhanced features. Improved and faster fly by wire aircraft technology hydraulic proportional controls ensure dependable, smooth movement. The control system monitors lifting 60 times per minute and keeps the operator inside safety parameters, automatically stopping the unit if it detects improper unit operation.

Lift side reach has been increased from 40 to 51 feet. The new basket drive control system allows operators to drive lift tracks directly from the basket control station and set outriggers with the now standard automatic outrigger leveling system without leaving the basket. This leveling system not only deploys outriggers, but also raises and levels the machine in seconds automatically, even on steep uneven terrain up to a 30% grade.

Standard sensitive ground chassis hard-wired remotes allows critical precise drive steering command of the chassis during travel in tight quarters from outside the basket. A new quick change basket system, which allows the use of multiple size baskets to be changed in seconds for different applications, is now also standard. The basket still retains 180-degree rotation and 528 pounds capacity. Turret, chassis frame, and boom reinforcements make the unit stiffer for a smoother ride. Outriggers can now be set up in three positions for tight area deployment. Unit weight is now 6,400 pounds, increased from 6,040 pounds.

For more information, visit www.spiderlifts.com.

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