21/02/2016 - 22:24 pm

The ALL Family of Companies Adds Five Liebherr All-Terrain Cranes – Industry News

The ALL Family of Companies has strengthened their all-terrain crane fleet with five new Liebherr ATs (All Terrain Cranes), all featuring an innovative crane support system. The purchase was part of ALL’s commitment of continual investment and a response to increased demand for cranes in specific markets.

The Liebherr ATs, with a wide range of boom lengths and lifting capacities, will be diverted to locations where demand is heaviest, but will generally serve customers in Cleveland, the Carolinas, branches serving the northern part of the USA and ALL locations in Canada.

The new Liebherr ATs, scheduled for delivery in spring and summer of 2016, include: two 70-USt LTM 1060-3.1; a 65-USt LTM 1055-3.2; a 240-USt LTM 1200-5.1 and a 265-USt LTM 1220-5.

These ATs are a part of a line of Liebherrs that include the VarioBase variable supporting base system. VarioBase allows the operator to customise the crane’s outrigger extensions to best take advantage of the available working space, which in turn helps enhance lifting capacity and flexibility on the job site while creating greater efficiency. In tight spaces or on narrow sites, it can be challenging to extend all the outriggers as far as necessary for proper and safe lifting.

With VarioBase, each support can be extended to whatever custom length is needed to fit the site. Then the load moment limiter within the crane’s LICCON control system ensures that the unit can operate and hoist loads safely. According to Liebherr, VarioBase calculates the precise lifting capacity for any support base and then monitors the crane’s stability, which helps increase the safe working range as well as the lifting capacity. The work planner in the LICCON system also allows jobs to be planned and simulated in advance if desired.

“Liebherr continues to produce excellent machines that respond to the challenges we see in the field,” said Michael L Liptak, president of the ALL Family of Companies. “We are dedicated to continuing our investment in equipment with cutting-edge technology like the new VarioBase system so we can provide our customers with the optimal equipment for every lift, whatever the challenges involved.”

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