12/07/2016 - 17:04 pm

The First Bocker AK 46/6000 Truck Crane Sold to City Lifting – Industry News

Kranlyft UK recently sold the first Bocker three-axle AK 46/6000 truck-mounted crane to City Lifting. The AK 46/6000 with a 33 metre main boom, 11 metre luffing jib and 2 metre extension, the crane is capable of a maximum lifting height of 46 metres, a maximum payload of 6000 kgs at an 8 metre radius and 250kgs at a 39.3 metre radius.

City Lifting's machine is mounted on a MAN TGM26-290 three-axle carrier and benefits from a rear steering axle reducing the turning circle and increasing manoeuvrability in restricted spaces.

The crane comes with the latest Technos 2 HBC Coloured remote control with real-time feedback and vibration on approach to maximum safe working load, it also comes as standard with slew and boom angle restriction, automatic leveling, and automatic boom retraction. Another option for this machine is a rotatable access platform with power, this enables the operator to reach a maximum working height of 43.40 metres. The platform can be fitted in minutes and carried on the bed of the machine.

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