27/03/2013 - 04:00 am

The Slim V60N-130: High Pressure and High Volume | Construction News

HAWE Hydraulics, has announced the addition of the new V60N-130 to Hawe‘s well-established V60N series of axial piston pumps. There are now four different sizes in the pump family with displacement volumes up to 8 in3/rev, working pressures of up to 5800 psi and peak pressures of up to 6500 psi.  All built with swash plates, they provide the required displacement volume without over or under dimensioning the pump output.

The V60N-130 is designed for high pressure and high volume, and sets new standards in terms of the pump’s life cycle, efficiency and control accuracy. For easy installation, it is directly attached to the vehicle's power take-off (PTO) with an SAE flange. In keeping with Haw’s modular concept, the pump comes with a wide variety of controls and flanges with options for connecting additional pumps to the thru shaft. The V60N-130 pump is one of a kind, offering a built-in performance controller, which protects against overloading the utility vehicle's transmission, and with a width of only five inches, it fits small spaces.

Axial piston pumps are suitable for usage in construction machines, concrete pumps, public transport and utility vehicles, waste disposal trucks, cranes, forestry vehicles and many other machines. The Hawe pumps are proven performers in load-sensing systems, where hydraulic consumers with different pressure levels and/or variable volume flows have to be supplied. Load-sense controls enable the hydraulic solution to support the energy efficiency of mobile machines and compliance with such emission regulations as Tier 4 and Euro 6.

Hawe Hydraulik SE, Munich, will give central stage to a wide variety of axial piston pumps at the 'bauma 2013' trade show. Hall A4, Booth 218, at the Messe Munich

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