14/09/2011 - 04:00 am

Thern Launches Atlas II Series Power Winch

Thern Stage Equipment, Winona, Minn., has launched the Atlas II Series power winch, the latest addition to the company's line of winches and cranes designed for wastewater applications.

The 2-ton load capacity is suitable for lifting mixers and pumps when installed on Thern's 5PT30 Series transportable davit crane. Once raised, the fully rotating mast and boom of the 5PT30 allows for easy positioning of the pump or mixer for service. In addition, lifting handles built onto the Atlas II frame facilitate attachment of lifting straps for additional convenience with crane mounting, worksite positioning and transport.

Precision machine-cut gearing with an enclosed oil bath reduce wear and ensure long-lasting, efficient operation. Corrosion resistant epoxy finishes are also available to extend operating life in wastewater facilities.

Flexible mounting configurations, including floor, wall and ceiling mounts, are available for applications requiring special positioning such as lifting tank covers and hinged platforms. An available limit switch option provides added customization options for precision lifts and pulls.

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