21/07/2011 - 04:00 am

TIEM Achieves Safety Milestone

Toyota Material Handling U.S.A. Inc. (TMHU), Irvine, Calif., announced the Service Parts Management department at Toyota Industrial Equipment Mfg. Inc. (TIEM), Columbus, Ind., has achieved 200,000 consecutive hours worked, which represents 1,248 work days over the past three years, without a recordable accident.

"At Toyota safety is our focus," said Tim Barker, vice president of corporate services for TIEM. "I’m very pleased this is the second department at TIEM to achieve this milestone in the past 12 months, and I’m proud of these associates and their dedication to safe practices."

TIEM works to incorporate safety awareness and risk reduction into all plant activities associated with the manufacture of Toyota lift trucks and replacement parts for industrial lift trucks and tow tractors, along with the assembly of motor vehicle parts and accessories. A number of programs address ergonomic and hazardous challenges. For example, TIEM created a safety "Dojo," or training area, on the shop floor. Associates learn safety awareness and practices with a hands-on approach in these areas. There are more than a dozen "Dojo" workstations that address a wide range of risk assessments from fire evacuation and hoist safety, to tool inspection and ergonomics.

Throughout the year, TIEM management and associates are required to attend annual "Dojo" training, risk assessment training, and monthly training sessions. These programs have contributed toward TIEM being honored for its safety systems and performance record including the 2010 "Top Plant" award by Plant Engineering magazine.

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