28/02/2012 - 17:32 pm

TMEIC Introduces Improved TMdrive-10e2

TMEIC Corp., Roanoke, Va., has improved its popular TMdrive-10 three-phase, low-voltage variable frequency drive. The TMdrive-10e2 is designed for lower cost, higher power level, reduced footprint, and enhanced safety features. Designed and built in Japan, the drive is available in America and has been successfully applied in container cranes, steel mills, and other industrial system applications.


For operation at 460 Vac, 575 Vac, or 690 Vac, the drive offers a choice of frame sizes with power levels from 15 hp up to 2,600 hp. Inverters less than 233 hp (@460 V) are mounted in stacked trays to minimize cabinet space and allow easy access and maintenance. Inverter output frequency is variable up to 300 Hz, controlled over a LAN allowing computer speed control for coordinated drive system applications such as driving a sheet steel galvanizing line or a paper machine.


The new drive has enhanced safety features meeting IEC 618005-2 (Safety Integration Level 2) and ISO 13849 (Category 3). These requirements are met with independent gate command lockouts via two hardware inputs. In addition, when an optional output contactor is supplied, the contactor is also disabled by hardware input providing additional protection.

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