27/09/2011 - 04:00 am

TMEIC Introduces Remote Connectivity Module Diagnostics Computer

Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corp. (TMEIC), a Roanoke, Va.-based manufacturer of variable frequency drives, motors, and advanced automation systems, has released the Remote Connectivity Module (RCM), a Windows XP diagnostics computer that enables remote and secure drive operation monitoring. Using the company’s Drive Navigator software interface, the RCM allows customers and TMEIC engineers to remotely review real-time and historical data to quickly resolve fault issues.

“Often the fault issue may be minor, such as a loose wire or changing out a defective card,” said Joe Belch, Director of General Industries for TMEIC. “Once the customer gives permission, RCM allows our engineers to review drive settings and fault history to resolve issues faster, often without the need for a field service call.”

The RCM, which incorporates TMEIC’s Proprietary Fault Upload software, features an industrial computer, power supply and Ethernet switch that can be easily mounted in new or existing stand-alone drives. The computer can withstand high vibration and temperature ranges in a small DIN-rail mounted footprint as well as connect to two separate LANs and serial-talking/USB devices. “The RCM can connect to multiple drives, automatically pulling fault data without user intervention, and store trace back data on its hard drive,” Belch said. “The monitoring is done via a secure connection and only with permission of the customer.”

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