26/03/2013 - 05:00 am

TVH Expands Pallet Truck Offerings

TVH in the Americas (TVH), Olathe, Kan., offers an expanded line of pallet trucks. TVH has added four new styles of pallet trucks for use in various applications.

The scissor ;ift pallet truck is designed for any application where moving and positioning pallets or containers of material is required. With enclosed fork tips and reinforced for frames, this pallet truck offers a long service life.

The stainless pallet truck is perfect for freezer or high tech medical applications. As the hydraulic pump, fork frame and handle are all made of stainless steel, this pallet truck is the best option when hygiene is crucial.

Another pallet truck now being offered comes with a scale, complete with a totalizing function. This permits the user to weight multiple pallets to obtain the total weight of a shipment or order without wondering if they forgot to weigh any of the pallets.

The galvanized pallet truck is ideal for transportation in damp or harsh environments. The galvanized hydraulic pump, fork frame and handle, make this pallet truck resistant to cold, condensation and washing.

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