06/06/2018 - 10:37 am

TWD and Richard Krabbendam join forces

Heavy lift specialist, Richard Krabbendam, the man behind, and usually also in front of, seminars and master-classes on topics relevant to the transport, lifting, shipping and offshore industry in over 26 countries has joined forces with TWD (Temporary Works Design).

After more than 22 years as a heavy lift specialist with Jumbo Shipping, Krabbendam has delivered seminars and master-classes, passing on his specialist knowledge and experience to over 2700 delegates in the past 10 years.

TWD’s Martijn Koppert says, “We have often booked one of Richards seminars to educate our engineers, it would be a big loss when Richard’s knowledge is no longer available and not shared anymore, so that’s why we decided to continue together and gradually take over some of Richards tasks.”

In the future Richard will continue to pass on his vast knowledge at the seminars which can now be augmented by TWD’s experience and knowledge in the fields of offshore engineering and naval analysis.

Another important part of Krabbendam’s activities is his news website, heavyliftnews.com, which attracts more than 515,000 visitors each year and has 60 – 100,000 visitors accessing this specialist news site almost every month. Many of these visitors are part of Krabbendam’s large network that he has built up over more than 30 years. This website along with the companion website, heavyliftspecialist.com, will continue to provide news and information about the industry and the courses that are planned.

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