25/03/2014 - 13:57 pm

TWERGO Wheel & Caster Innovation Developed by Caster Concepts

Caster Concepts has developed the TWERGO wheel. Designed for a wide variety of industrial applications, the multiple wheel ergonomic casters that utilize TWERGO wheels provide easier movement of loaded carts or vehicles. The TWERGO wheel and caster’s unique tread minimizes friction and eliminates scrubbing and sliding when turning, while providing the impact resistance of normal wheels.

The ease of moving a cart equipped with industrial casters in motion is affected by many different aspects of the caster design. The multiple wheel design is anchored by a spanner that improves on existing wheel designs, and the wheel hub features aluminum die-cast cores for maximum strength. All wheels rotate independently of each other. These casters have a very long tread life and are maintenance free.

TWERGO casters and wheels can be used for production racks (power transported, manually handled and mobile fixtures), parts bins, and other applications where maintenance-free casters and ergonomics are concerns.

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