18/07/2013 - 12:41 pm

Two LPS 600 for Efficient Bulk Handling in Gdansk | Construction News

Two Liebherr LPS 600s for dedicated bulk handling have recently been delivered and installed in the center of the southern Baltic coast. Both cranes will soon start operation in the port of Gdansk, Poland. The port handles various commodities and bulk material handling is of high importance as it accounts for more than 25% of the total cargo handling.

The operator of both LPS 600, Port Polnocny Co. Ltd PPS, opted for the recommended bulk handling configuration, which includes four-rope configuration with two 72-t winches and a boom length of 50 meters. Additionally, the installation of electric drives and Pactronic allows for a efficient and eco-friendly operation.

The LPS 600 was awarded with the IBJ Crane of the Year Award in 2011.  Based on the Liebherr Mobile Harbor Crane concept, the portal construction is flexible in terms of rail span, number of wheels, power supply, and portal height.   

Both cranes are equipped with the unique Pactronic hybrid drive system. With low emission in mind and high-performance, Liebherr introduced Pactronic in 2010. Awarded with the State Prize Clean Technology Austria, the hydraulic hybrid drive for cranes allows for a plus of 30% regarding turnover capacity. Pactronic leads to a reduction of fuel/energy consumption (liter/ton) as well as CO2 and exhaust emissions in the range of 30% depending on the operation. The hybrid drive system needs visible inspection every 10 years.  The system features 100% recyclability and less noise exposure.

In total, Liebherr has delivered 11 mobile harbor cranes for cargo handling to Polish ports.

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